Quiet Disruptors by Sue Heatherington

Published January 2021

Available now in paperback and Kindle via Amazon

“Thoughtful and creative, this is a beautifully written manifesto about the new change-makers: those with the courage to speak softly about things that matter. This book will inspire, encourage and provoke you to become the change you want to see, wherever you are.”

Have you noticed, we’re entering a new era? And it’s time for a new language because we need new voices and a different kind of change. This calls for fresh eyes, more creativity and a more collaborative way of working together. Quiet disruptors are the new change-makers, and they have something to say.

  • Read the manifesto and understand why this shift is so significant now
  • Encounter fresh voices across the world already making a difference through their curiosity, creativity and courageous connections
  • Find bite-sized practical insights on becoming the change you want to see and changing the conversation for good

Just don’t expect to encounter the usual superheroes.

Sue Heatherington is a writer, catalyst and thinking partner for pioneers, innovators and change-makers who want to cultivate better sightlines for change in the new world. She coined the phrase quiet disruptor in 2018 as a short-hand introduction to her unusually broad backstory, which included a decade as a pioneering public service chief executive. And she was astonished by the response.

Available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting (this the UK link – use your local Amazon site for the paperback print on demand version).